Landscape water meter

Landscape water meter

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Irrigation meters are separate water meters used exclusively to measure water used for landscaping, yard irrigation, or filling swimming pools, provided that none of the water returns to the sanitary sewer system. Billing is based on water used. There are no sanitary sewer charges. A back-flow preventer is required on all irrigation meters to protect the public water supply against actual or potential contamination from cross-connection, backpressure, or back-siphonage. Failure to do so can result in termination of service.

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Save on your water bill with a deduct meter

A deduct meter enables customers to realize a savings for water that does not enter the sanitary sewage system. Examples of water that does not enter the system: lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, washing vehicles.

Individual water usage varies, so the realized savings will also differ. Ph:A copy of the test results, along with tester's current certification and liability insurance, must be submitted to Cranberry Township.

Test forms are available Ph: xSkip to Main Content. Loading Close. Do Not Show Again Close. Save on your water bill with a deduct meter Deduct Meter Options A deduct meter enables customers to realize a savings for water that does not enter the sanitary sewage system. Is a deduct meter right for me?

Deduct Meter Installation Guidelines The installation site of the deduct meter must be within 3 feet of the existing domestic water meter spread. Only the outside hose bibs faucets and lawn sprinkler systems can be connected to the deduct meter. Under normal installations i.

If the deduct meter is to be installed in a finished basement, in a closet or boxed-in area, it is the responsibility of the customer to run the remote wire from the deduct meter spread to the remote reader location on the outside of the structure.

The remote wire will be furnished by the Township and must be in-place before a deduct meter will be installed. The deduct meter remote location must be within one foot of the existing remote reader location. If the remote wire exits the structure below ground level, a conduit must be installed including pull-string starting inside the structure and extending one foot above the finished grade. If the deduct meter is plumbed to a lawn sprinkler system, a reduced pressure zone backflow prevention device is required.

A backflow device is supplied and installed by customer. The deduct meter cannot be installed more than 5 feet from floor, without prior approval from the Township. All installations of backflow prevention devices must be tested after installation. Monitor Water Use. Resolve High Water or Sewer Bills. Arrow Left Arrow Right.

Rain Bird FM150B 1.5" Water Meter

Farmington Hills, MI. Search for:. Farmington Hills, like most other cities, uses the water meter in your home to determine charges for sanitary sewers. The assumption is that most of the water used in your home eventually flows into the sanitary sewer showers, clothes and dish washing, toilets, etc. Therefore your water and sewer bill has two rates, one for water, and one for sewer.

STEP 1: Locate Your Meter · STEP 2: Reading Your Water Meter · Landscape Sprinkler System Example.


I came home from work and found paint marks and little flags of several colors in the street and in my yard. Why are they there, and when can I remove them? It is a law in Colorado that any person who digs or excavates must request utility locates of the area. By law, the District and other utilities are required to locate and mark their utility lines if requested. Please do not remove any flags or locate sheets from the area, since the company who is digging needs to know where the various utilities are located so they do not break them. Should I call the District? The UNCC schedules locates for all utilities, so you can order all utility locates with one call. The District locates its water lines free of charge to contractors and homeowners alike. We cannot, however, locate or repair the private service line from the meter pit to the house.

How to Read Your Meter

I have multiple meters and I want to reduce them.Is that possible? What do you mean by landscape plans? When your meters were originally purchased, they were sized appropriately to supply adequate water pressure for your landscape.

This publication provides useful information and best management practices on installing and maintaining a landscape irrigation system.

Efficient Landscape Irrigation

For customers that have had a NEW automated meter installed, the first thing you will notice is a black rubber circle on the top of your water meter box. Please be aware that wires are attached to the meter lid and to be careful when opening the box. To learn more about the District's AMI program, visit our page www. Since the District bills in hundred cubic feet, only the first four numbers at the far left are used for billing. You can compare the meter reading to the last bill received to determine the amount of water used.

Water Wise House Call

Trees and shrubbery should not be planted in close proximity of gas or water meters. Over time, tree roots encircle water meter boxes, breaking water lines and making maintenance difficult. Shrubbery can grow completely over gas meters making an accurate reading harder to obtain. Vegetation should be kept clear of meters for location purposes and valve accessibility. In case of an emergency, such as a house fire or broken gas line, the valve must be located and shut off quickly. When residents landscape their yard, the water meter is often over looked and covered under several feet of fill dirt and sodded over. The water meter should be located and marked before landscaping. The meter box can be raised to the proper height by the Meter Reader after the landscaping is completed.

Landscape water meters, defined as either a dedicated water service meter or private submeter, shall be installed for all non-residential irrigated.

Water meter self-reads in prescribed water areas

A question I often get asked when designing a new lawn sprinkler system is; should I get a second water meter? It looks identical to your existing water meter and is installed next your first one in the basement or crawl space. If you have one installed, it will monitor the water usage for things like washing your car, filling the pool, watering the lawn and flowers, etc….

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The following is a summary of the Ordinance:. One major change is new requirements for compost and mulch. To improve soil health and increase water retention, at least four cubic yards of compost per 1, sq. At least three inches of mulch must be applied to all exposed soil surfaces in planting areas. As of December 1, , the Ordinance will apply to new landscape projects equal to or greater than sq. The Ordinance also applies to rehabilitated landscape projects equal to or greater than 2, sq.

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Printable Version with Images. Go out to your water meter box which is typically near the sidewalk. The box will have a metal, fiber glass or plastic lid.

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