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Hellebores, the flowers of the cold

Few plants bloom in the middle of winter: the hellebore lights up your garden even in snowy weather.

To benefit from it yourself, plant it during the next sunny days.

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Hellebore, for the record

From the Ranunculaceae family, this perennial native to the Mediterranean region and western China is very hardy: it can withstand down to -15 °.

With its persistent and leathery foliage, the hellebore has its place both as a ground cover, as a bed or as a planter.

Place it under a tree to provide it with the necessary shade in summer.

In the middle of December, you will enjoy its beautiful flowers ranging from white-green to pink and to purple. The most famous, the christmas rose (Helleborus niger), blooms even under a layer of snow.

Planting hellebore

Plant your hellebores from fall to spring, avoiding periods of frost. They thrive in any type of soil, with a preference for rich, humus-rich and well-drained soils. Do not hesitate to amend the soil with organic matter, in order to promote their flowering. If the soil is not suitable for them, they will be more susceptible to diseases, so prefer growing in a garden.

To install a seedling, dig a hole 40cm wide, loosen the bottom and add sand to drain. Gently place your plant, add potting soil and sand, lightly butting the foot to avoid stagnant moisture. Group your hellebores in threes to create a mass effect.

Attention, fragile plant!

If you want to move your hellebores, wait until spring and take the usual precautions: keep a large clod of earth around the plant, its roots are fragile and sensitive to drying out.

Regularly remove faded flowers to encourage new buds to appear, and remove damaged leaves to showcase the flowers.

You can multiply your plants by separating the young shoots that develop around the stump. Be aware, however, that the Corsican hellebore and the fetid hellebore only multiply by seed.

M.-C. H.

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