Make rhubarb manure

Make rhubarb manure

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Rhubarb manure is a natural insect control solution for use throughout the growing season of rhubarb.
It is also possible to store the liquid manure after maceration for several weeks or even several months.

By using rhubarb manure, you are doing something for the environment while effectively caring for your plants.

What is rhubarb manure used for?

Liquid manure rhubarb is an excellent repellent against certain insects and in particular aphids.

It is also used to fight against the worm or ringworm leek and carrot moth.

How to make rhubarb manure?

2 methods are both very effective.

  • Macerate 1 to 1.5 kg of rhubarb in 10 liters of water for about 72 hours.
    Filter to keep only the liquid.
    Spray using a sprayer
  • A variation is to immerse the leaves directly in boiling water, which speeds up the maceration process.
    Leave to macerate for 24 hours and spray on your plants.

On which plants to use rhubarb manure?

On all plants traditionally affected by aphids.

We find roses, fruit trees such as to fish where the Cherry tree but also a large part of flowering shrubs, perennials and vegetable plants.

It is also sprayed on the leek in order to control the leek.

  • Also find the recipe for rhubarb jam!

Store the rhubarb manure

Rhubarb manure can easily be stored for several weeks or even months.

The ideal is then to place the rhubarb liquid manure in an easily resealing container such as a can or a bottle and store it as cool as possible and protected from light.

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