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Redcurrant: benefits and virtues

Redcurrant: benefits and virtues

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Redcurrant is a delicate fruit that also offers many health benefits and virtues.

Of his name Ribes grossularia, shebelongs to the Grossulariaceae family.

Its shrub, the gooseberry can reach 100 to 120 cm, offers excellent tart berries of various colors.
Depending on the variety, currants can be red ("The Jonkeer Van Tets"), white ("La Versaillaise blanche") or black ("The black giant").

Redcurrants are grouped into two main classes: redcurrants bunches or to mackerel larger caliber.

Gooseberries are grown in France, but especially in Denmark and Poland.

We love these little berries because they offer such a delicate taste, but also for the pleasure of going to pick them in the summer and because they are healthy for your health.

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Redcurrant, for the record

The currant arrived in France during the Middle Ages. It has several origins: Asia, North America.

Over the centuries, redcurrant has become the specialty of Bar-le-Duc, in Lorraine, for its excellent seedless jam. Its original and famous production uses a quill pen to remove the seeds.

Redcurrant, health benefits and virtues

Gooseberry is laxative. It regulates transit and facilitates digestion. We recommend it in case of constipation and lazy transit.

Use: Mix mackerel-type currants and their leaves. Then filter and drink the juice thus obtained.

Gooseberry juice and its virtues :

The currant and its juice have antipyretic properties (which reduce fever).
We recommend drinking redcurrant juice as a preventive treatment against winter aggressions.
Its juice is a powerful diuretic, effective in purifying the renal tract. It is also advised in case ofasthenia and weakening.

Its juice has properties depurative and aperitifs to stimulate your appetite.

Gooseberry is an interesting source of iron (1.2 mg / 100 g). It thus fights effectively against anemia.

It is also very rich in vitamins C (40mg / 100g). This makes currant a powerful anti-oxidant, effective against free radical damage on our body, premature aging of cells and cardiovascular diseases.

Gooseberry has very effective anti-inflammatory properties in case of'arthritis and for all kinds of‘Inflammations.

use : infusion of redcurrant leaves. Drink several cups during the day.

This grandmother's remedy is also effective in regulating high blood pressure.

Gooseberry is a very good antibacterial. It is effective in the fight against coughs.

Gooseberry is also a very good detoxifying. It purifies the hepatic tract.

Redcurrant provides many minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the health of our body: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and many vitamins A, B and C.

Gooseberries in the kitchen

Calorie intake of redcurrants: between 45 and 55 kcal / 100 g depending on whether they are clusters or mackerel.

Gooseberries have their place in your everyday kitchen. She is succulent, as well nature that in your dishes salty and sweet.

For lovers of sweet, we love it in fruit salad, with his friends strawberries and raspberries. But also in jam or gooseberry jelly, in pie, in clafoutis, in muffins or crumbles.

Or in sorbet, in juice, in coulis, in syrup, in custard.

For lovers of sweet and savory: heated in a pan, redcurrant accompanies your meats (your duck breasts, poultry and roasts) and foie gras.

It gives taste to your sauces, hence its name gooseberry. Indeed the English used the currant in the sauce accompanying the mackerel.

In vinaigrette, it spices up your salad.

Gourmet ideas:

Redcurrant on grilled cheese toast.

The redcurrant coulis with cottage cheese, for a fresh dessert.

> Try the delicious recipe for smart gardening: Frosted currants on a bed of light vanilla cream.

These delicate and colorful little berries decorate your dishes and desserts.

Redcurrant, beauty tip :

Currants are also popular in cosmetology. They hold the power to cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin. They also fight against premature aging of the skin thanks to their antioxidant properties.

Natural mask with currant : Mix 100 g of red currant, with olive oil and ground oats. Apply the resulting mixture on healthy skin for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.

To hydrate the skin : Mix the currants and mix them with the fromage blanc. Apply to the skin and rinse off 20 minutes later.

Smart tip about currants

A fruit that stains : Faced with a stubborn currant stain, immerse your laundry in milk for several hours. Then wash it off.

Preserve the currant: Fragile, currants can only be kept for a few days in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

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