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Leek: its positive role on digestion

Leek: its positive role on digestion

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Without question one of our most popular vegetables, leek or allium porrum, is on our shelves all year round.

Its health benefits and virtues have long been recognized and its consumption widely used.

It is part of the same family as garlic and onion.

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Leek: for the record

Originally from the Middle East, the leek was quickly a flagship vegetable of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

According to the famous Papyrus of Trades, it was indeedpopular of Egyptians.

The Hebrews appreciated it for its benefits in terms ofrefreshing properties. As to Greeks and Romans, they considered him both as a vegetable and one real cure.

Leek and its health benefits

It is one of the 10 most consumed vegetables in France and its benefits and virtues are indisputable. It is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  • Diuretic, leek is used by people who suffer from urinary retention. Broth or leek soup are then recommended.
  • In case of constipation, you will notice that the leek has a beneficial effect on the intestine.
  • It is also very effective against acute and chronic inflammations of the respiratory tract. Its syrup works wonders in the event of loss of voice, hoarseness, coughs, pharyngitis and tracheitis.
  • Our grandmothers used it against boils, tonsillitis and gouty joint swelling, in poultice, calming and maturing. Applied to the lower abdomen, it also promotes urine output.
  • In lotion, the leek juice beautifies the face, removing redness and the buttons. It also relieves Insect bites.

Did you know ?

Internal use:

Leek broth: We can drink it like a tisane, for its properties diuretics. It is said that its regular consumption ensures skin her beauty and prevents premature aging.

Syrup: Obtained by mixing this strong and prolonged decoction with its weight of honey. Very effective against inflammation of respiratory tracts.

External use:

Poultice: Hot boiled leek leaves applied (against the aforementioned ailments).

Decoction: Gives a nice reflection to brown hair, do not hesitate to rinse your hair with it.

Growing leeks for their benefits

To grow good leeks it is necessary to have a sunny exposure but not too hot as well as cool, rich, deep and well-drained soil.

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Good to know

The leek easily depletes the soil therefore it will be necessary to let the soil rest for the following 2 or 3 years.


To avoid seed build-up, consider water regularly your leeks and keep the soil clean.

Beware of little animals!

The base of the boles is sometimes attacked by onion fly larvae, which causes them to rot.

The leaves can dry out, the fault ofleek moth… Which dig galleries in the leaves. The white rot causes yellowing of the leaves and death of leeks.

Finally, know that the rust may form orange spots at the base of the leaves.

Leek in cooking and benefits

Leeks are eaten steamed or boiled. Sautéed, it goes perfectly with fish and shellfish. For fans, there are also leeks in vinaigrette!

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Nutritional contributions:

29 kcal / 100 g. Leek is very rich in fiber (3.2g per 100g) thus promoting the intestinal transit.

It contains potassium, of iron and some vitamin B9. Know that it is also an excellentdiuretic.

Gourmet idea:

Less common but just as succulent as cooked leeks, young raw leeks (in salad) will surprise you!

Also try the leek pie

Blandine Merlin

  • To read : grow leeks well
  • To discover : our leek-based recipes

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