Indoor yucca: care tips

Indoor yucca: care tips

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Here are the steps to take care of yucca, repotting and watering for good yucca growth.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Yucca elephantipes
Type : Shrub, Houseplant

: 1.5 to 2.5 m indoors
Exposure : Very bright
Ground : Soil

: Persistent

An essential plant for houseplants, here are the maintenance steps to take care of your yucca and ensure it grows well throughout the seasons.

Yucca plantation

Planting or repotting are essential steps to ensure good recovery and good growth for your yucca.

Yucca indoors:

The yucca calls for a good soil that you will possibly mix with 1/3 of compost if you have some.

In order to facilitate drainage, place a bed of gravel, small pebbles or clay balls at the bottom of the pot.
This will prevent the roots from bathing in water, which could be fatal.

  • So install your Yucca in a pot with special soil for indoor plants or green plants.
  • Arepotting every 2 to 3 years is recommended.

Yucca outdoors:

Yucca does do not tolerate the cold and can only be planted outdoorsweather mild winter.

On the other hand, in summer, from May to October, the potted yucca can be put outside without any problem.

  • Consult the sheet dedicated to growing Yucca gloriosa outdoors

Yucca exhibition

Yucca adapts well to the interior of our homes and apartments.

It needs temperatures around 18-22° and requires a good light, even a light sun.

  • Behind a glass it is better avoid too much exposure to the sun which could dry out your Yucca.

Therefore, prefer the proximity of a window facing west in order to bathe it in maximum light.

  • If you live in a rather dark place, avoid buying a Yucca because it should not stand the absence of light too much.

Watering the Yucca

Throughout the year, it is important to spray the leaves regularly with water to recreate the conditions of its natural environment which is rather humid.

Watering Yucca in spring / summer:

Watering must therefore be regular and measured so as not to suffocate the roots of the plant.

  • Letdry the soil on the surface between 2 waterings.
  • A watering every 2 to 3 days is often necessary.
  • Every two weeks or so, you can bring him someliquid fertilizer.

Watering in winter:

In the fall, start by reducing watering because the yucca has more limited needs.

  • 2 watering per month should suffice.
  • Stop all fertilizer input from October and until March-April.

Yucca size

It is quite possible to prune the yucca when it gets too big, for example.

We can toast a yucca, This is not a problem.

You can then cut the trunk, ideally just above a leaf start.

In general, it should make new branches and new leaves.

When pruning, use a tool that cuts well.

Put a healing putty on the wound to prevent disease

Sick yucca

Even when properly established, yucca can be prone to certain diseases or insect attacks that are best treated quickly.

Distorted yucca leaves:

It is definitely a lack of light or too much water.

  • So find a brighter location and reduce watering by following our advice above.

Yucca leaves that turn yellow:

If the plant continues to make new leaves, this is thenatural evolution of your Yucca.

Trees, even when they are evergreen, shed their leaves to renew them.

  • You can therefore let them dry and cut them as you go.
  • Yesyour Yucca looks gray, pay attention to watering and possibly add liquid fertilizer to the plant every two weeks.

There are also several insects such as mealybugs where the red spiders.

Good to know about Yucca

Yucca is a very beautiful plant from Central America which adapts very well to indoor growing, apartment or house.

The word yucca comes from elsewhere in Spanishyuca, and more precisely from Haiti, to designate cassava (plant of the euphorbiaceae family). Today, this word is used to refer to these perennials.

At the same time aesthetic, resistant and very easy to cultivate, it is one of the most popular houseplants and the most sold.

Its foliage is particularly elegant and gives a touch of exoticism in his living room, living room or any other well-lit room in the house.

Whether you have a green thumb or are looking for a beginner's houseplant, yucca is the plant for you!

Smart tip

In the living room, in a dining room, in a bright bathroom, the yucca always has an effect

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