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Decorative and generous, the vine

Decorative and generous, the vine

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What if you produced your own table grape? Take advantage of the fall to plant a vine in the garden.

This robust plant is within the reach of all gardeners.

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Which vine variety to choose

To make your life easier, choose a hardy species. The varieties of vines "Ampelia" approvals have been specially developed by the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) to resist common diseases such as downy mildew, powdery mildew or gray rot. Another significant advantage: they adapt to all soils including clay soils if they are sufficiently drained. In the north of the Loire, prefer an early variety like "Perdin" so that the grapes reach maturity at the beginning of September.

Sun for the vineyard

You can drive your vine against a wall or on an arbor, the main thing being to reserve a sunny location, preferably facing south. By climbing it up a wall, you will give it better protection against excessive morning dew or heavy rain. Plant it 20 or 30 cm from the wall to which it will be leaned, burying the plant deeply so that only 2 cm of stem with a bud above the ground is left protruding. Add humus enriched with compost to the soil to promote growth.

Vine: pruning essential

Continue to add compost and keep the soil moist: mulch and regular watering are essential. Preventive treatment with copper before flowering and sulfur based after flowering are sufficient to prevent moisture damage to the leaves. If you live north of the Loire, protect the foot of your vine cold under a layer of straw or very dry ferns in late fall.

The first few years, prune to form the vine (trunk). In the fourth year, select two of the strongest branches of the year: on them will grow the fruit-bearing twigs. Tie them on a wire and trim the others to avoid tiring the plant. The following fall, you will be able to taste your first bunches of grapes.

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