Indoor plant pot with wooden stand

Indoor plant pot with wooden stand

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Buy Now. You won't believe the pricing on our hanging baskets and other containers. Simons Maison. It lets air through the soil in the pot, which can be crucial to some plants, but less necessary for others. Go for white or stone outdoor planters with rounded designs.

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Indoor plants offer many benefits not just for homes but also for offices and other spaces. View in gallery. Surely store-bought planters would make things a lot simpler, but then your display of plants will be lacking character. Moreover, the following DIY plant stands are pretty simple to create. Nesting tables are a collection of components that fit together organically, typically in ascending size order.

The tables can be arranged adjacent to one another to form a three-dimensional environment, or they can be distributed across the room to create numerous focal points.

Combine nesting tables in your hallway to create a bold statement and a favorable first impression. Alternatively, utilize nested tables and large-growth plants to give the image of a verdant paradise on your patio. While a single stand is the most straightforward method of displaying your plant collection, it is also the most versatile in terms of styling. These types of stands can handle a range of plant sizes, assisting in the creation of a multi-layered space. Tiered plant stands are an excellent method to achieve a textured, three-dimensional impression.

They lack, however, the adaptability of nesting tables. If you have a large number of plants, a tiered plant stand is an economical solution for maximizing floor and counter space. These types of stands are ideal for tiny outdoor spaces since they allow you to grow your garden without sacrificing valuable entertaining space.

A tiered stand brimming with edible flowers and potted herbs creates an appealing outdoor space that doubles as a functional kitchen garden. Plant stands are made from a variety of different materials, and each material has its own set of characteristics, making a stand more or less durable. Vertical space is maximized using wooden ladder stands, which can also be used outside when sprayed with the appropriate sealer.

Wooden stands and tables can also double as stools or side tables. Natural wood grain finishes complement Scandinavian modern and minimalist design houses by adding depth and texture to an otherwise sparsely furnished space. If you have a more modern setup, choose light wood finishes matched with ceramic or stone pots, while dark wood finishes are best suited to classically styled spaces. There are different types of metal that can be used to make a plant stand, with copper and brass being two very common options.

Both of these will give your space a sense of luxury, especially since the contrast between the greenery and the shades of copper and brass is quite eye-catching. It has a high resistance to water and works really well if you have potted tropical plants. Choosing the appropriate size plant stand or table ensures that the piece complements your existing style and is capable of supporting the total weight and size of your gorgeous indoor plants.

Consider the height and proportions of your house plants while selecting the appropriate size planter. Numerous plants tumble over the sides of the pots, creating a dramatic effect.

Different plants mature at varying heights and widths, dictating the size of the plant stand required. As a general rule, the taller the plant, the lower the stand should be. Kentia palms, split-leaf philodendrons, and ficus all reach heights of over four feet and should be matched with a low plant stand of between six and ten inches in diameter with a wide base for support.

Plants that grow to a height of feet can be paired with plant stands that are around 40 inches in height. Consider using a set of nesting tables of varied heights to exhibit a collection of short plants in your space to add movement and intrigue. If you want a low maintenance plant, you can opt for a pothos.Due to its ability to grow in low-light conditions and with less-than-perfect watering habits, this low-maintenance species is good for novices or anyone who is less than rigorous with plant care.

Anthuriums are gaining popularity on the list of best house plants because of its lipstick red lily pad—like blossoms. Since the flowers are actually modified leaves, the plant blooms all year. There are a LOT of indoor plants for you to choose from. Rubber trees, formally known as ficus elastica, can be grown as little home plants or as focus point, gorgeous interior trees. Provided you are armed with patience to grow one, these plants that are purchased young adapt better to indoor living than plants that are purchased mature.

They can reach astonishing heights in a few years, particularly if they are allowed to grow outdoors during the summer. If you wish to keep the plants smaller, you can restrict their growth by planting them in small containers. When grown in a nursery, cultivators gradually braid the pliable young, green trunks before they stiffen and become woody. Money trees like bright and indirect light and prefer a humidity level of moderate to high.

While direct sunlight can cause leaf blistering, plants can thrive in low light. However, excessive draft exposure may result in leaf loss. Additionally, heater vents and hot, dry air must be avoided. The beauty star is a native South American perennial with long, somewhat thin dark green leaves that are flamboyantly stripped in milder green, white, and silver. The underside is a deep purple color. Spider plants are excellent for adding greenery and texture to an arrangement.

As with pothos, spider plants are noted for their ease of maintenance, making them an excellent choice for those who never owned plants before and people who prefer artificial plants. This plant is not only adaptable; it is nearly indestructible.

Lack of natural light will not kill this plant; if you neglect to water it for a week, it will recover quickly too. However, for those of you that want healthy, attractive, and long-lived plants, the growing conditions must come first. Having proper knowledge of how to water your indoor plants is one of the most effective and simple techniques to assure their success in your house.

Water is required for all plants. The roots take up water and fill the cells of the plant, strengthening its fibers and resulting in strong stems and leaves. Along with soil moisture, plants require oxygen, which is why having porous soil is critical.

When you water your plant excessively, you basically suffocate it. Copper and concrete come together in this project featured on Camillestyles. The planters are customizable so you can decide the exact dimensions and even the shape you want to give them. This is the most difficult part, everything else being extremely simple. Simplicity also defines the chic planters we found on ajoyfulriot.

The materials needed for this project include copper pipes, a pipe cutter, marble tiles and very strong glue. The first step is to figure out how high you want the planter to stand and to cut the pipes to size. Then start building the frame and glue the marble tile to it.

A wooden planter stand can be just the thing you need to make your beautiful plants stand out in an elegant and a simple way. After you cut the pieces for the legs, round them and sand them.

Cut holes in their sides so you can then add the x-shaped base. Put all these elements together and use glue to keep them secure. Then stain the stand. Another option when creating a plant stand can be to repurpose things you already have in your home such as for example, a piano stool. You can pretty much just take the stool, find a good spot for it and put a planter on top. Of course, you can first give it a makeover and maybe paint it.

Speaking of things you can repurpose, check out this awesome dachshund planter. Actually, this used to be a dog dish stand. The two bowls were filled with white rocks and then succulents were added.

Now, this is a really interesting plant stand. It can hold three planters and you can make it using the Ikea PS plant stand, three wood plates, some glue, and clamps. Optionally, you can also use screws and nuts to customize the stand. Just like that, you can create a very simple but also a very stylish accessory for your home. Find out more about the project on Sugarandcloth. In case you want a stand that allows you to display multiple planters in one spot, the project featured on Rufflesandtruffles can be a perfect option.

This type of design works best for gardens or outdoor spaces although you can also adapt it for the indoors. The supplies needed include two stair risers , five planter boxes, a wood board, 4 bolts, 4 nuts, 8 washers, 28 screws, and a drill.

You can make it out of some square wooden dowels plus some wood glue and nails or screws. The goal is to make a cube-shaped planter stand that can hold a planter of the size you desire.

So if you already have a planter in mind, use it as a reference. You can recreate this type of structure, giving it the look and the style you want. For more inspiration and details on how to actually build the stand, check out Abeautifulmess. They look very lovely, resembling miniature stools. You can make these stands using small tapered legs. Using stain and tape you can give them the desired look. Painting them an interesting color is also an option. You can give yours a nice metallic look or you can choose a bold and fun color.

Have you ever thought of using paper towel holders for something other than just their intended purpose? There are plenty of interesting ways to repurpose them and one of them involved making a lovely plant table. Check out craftberrybush to find out more about this design. You can find more details about this simple project on lovecreatecelebrate in case you need to.

You can also a really sleek and modern plant stand out of some plywood or solid wood. This design from themerrythought has a cross-shaped base and a round top.

101 Best Planter Stands for Indoors and Outdoors in 2022

White ve planter. This planter features a double wall design creating a water reservoir. It has been our goal to use the best innovations and proven designs to give farmers Read reviews and buy Costway 4 PcsIts ribbed design will add texture to your favorite indoor or outdoor space. It has a drainage hole and would make a great addition to any houseplant decor.

Display your plants in style with an assortment of plant pots. From hanging pots to outdoor pots, BIG W's range will fit all your plant and potting needs.

Large outdoor pots bunnings

Available in heavy-duty wire, willow, or rattan, our hanging baskets are a great way to brighten up your space. CADPlastic, concrete, terracotta pots, glazed pots and more, add a little pizzazz to your outdoor space with our great range of outdoor pots. Free Shipping. Choose planters with a weathered patina that will bring a new look to the garden each year, or choose modern, angular silhouettes. What is the cheapest option available within White Urn Planters? Check out our lowest priced option within White Urn Planters, the Grecian 12 in. Both wood or metal are nice options if you are looking for mid-century modern outdoor planters.

Indoor planter with drainage

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Traditional plant stands seem to come in two styles: those mid-century-modern ones that stay low to the ground and fit just one big pot and the more bookshelf-style bamboo units with a few shelves that can hold a bunch of smaller plants. Thankfully, a plant stand can really be any object you can place a plant on, and one sweep of the internet will reveal that you can put plants on lots of things.

Each and every one of our exquisite silk flower arrangements is inspired by nature, then crafted by hand just for you.

White outdoor planters

An easy way to refresh your space, plants help create a relaxing haven that increases productivity and reduces stress. One plant, two plants, red plant or blue plant — we have a pot to help them reach their full potential green thumb not included. Not sure what pot is best? Click to Learn More. Plant pots can be made of several different materials. Common plant pot materials include metal, wood, plastic, concrete and another stoneware such as ceramics.

10 of the best indoor plant stands

Welcome to Half-Barrels. If you prefer a rustic look for your landscape, barrelsIf you are looking for a statement pot, shop our range of extra large plant pots that are ideal for planting trees and large shrubs and come in a variety of materials including ceramic, clay and terracotta. The planters are made of magnesium oxide that ready for outdoors, or bring them inside to dress up the entryway. Large decorative outdoor planters. In stock - Remaining. Please note that all dimensions are approximate only and may vary from planter to planter because of their individual nature. Choose your preferred size and color option from the available.

These are the high-quality trendy designer indoor plant pots which will enhance Lakeside Ceramic Planter on Wood Stand - Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Pot.

Large plastic barrel planters

Get user reviews on all … Usable indoors or out, all our ceramic planters also include a convenient drain hole. Lovely high shouldered flat lip bowl can be beautiful displayed either on a five … The planter is perfect for homes with Oriental decors.Floral Blue and White Porcelain Fishbowl This pattern is a classic "Chinese export" This pattern is a classic "Chinese export" floral design which became popular in Europe and America during the 19th century. Located at level 6, Victory Annexe.

Planter pots

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Elevate your space with these beautiful indoor plant stands. Whether you prefer traditional styles or striking modern designs, they are brilliant for showcasing your flourishing houseplants around the home. A plant stand is a great way to draw attention to your plant, while also lifting it off the ground. Whether you want one for your living room, hallway or conservatory, there are plenty of stylish plant stands to choose from. Some are smaller in size, while others are larger for more spacious rooms.

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After more than a year in and out of lockdown, many of us are looking for ways to make our homes spark joy. Enter: houseplants — a simple and natural way to inject some vibrancy into a room. Beyond the widely known health benefits of having plants in your home, bringing the outside in can instantly brighten the place up and add character to your living space. Planters and stands are necessary for any burgeoning or established house-plant collection, elevating your greenery and putting it on full display. And they are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing.

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