Warren lawn and landscape

Warren lawn and landscape

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Warren lawn and landscape business offers top-quality services

A large company has selected you to service its lawns and landscape. You’ve made your presentation, convinced them of your qualifications, answered their endless questions, and you’re feeling confident. As your company, you take this role very seriously. It is the responsibility of every employee to know the details of the clients’ gardens and ensure that their landscape looks its best. Your new client is ready to start right away.

Everything will be taken care of and your staff should have no issues in getting the job done. You expect that to be the case because you’ve been trained in providing top-quality services and have the necessary skills.

Then something unexpected happens. A small business owner who specializes in high-end lawn care services has the opportunity to work with your new client. Unfortunately, he or she isn’t the best with the client’s particular style. They don’t realize how much of an impact a client’s aesthetic preferences have on how their landscaping looks.

This small business owner is willing to offer to take over the client’s project. He or she knows that the new client will appreciate the services that they will be offering and the results will be amazing. However, you know that this client has no idea what he or she is doing when it comes to lawn care. What you don’t know is that they were very successful in lawn care for years.

To complicate matters, this small business owner is offering to take on your client’s project for half of the cost of your current proposal. This new client will pay less for the project because they know your work. After all, they’ve been working with you for years.

When you compare the difference in the amount of work involved, you find that your new client will be able to get the work done in less time and with much less effort. You decide to offer this new client a proposal.

You offer your client the new offer. She or he is more than happy to accept the offer. This small business owner is going to be able to work with your client for half of what you initially offered. The new client is thrilled to get the services for less and you know that he or she is going to be thrilled with the final results.


A small business owner can save a client money by offering to take over their project for half of the cost of your initial proposal. If a client agrees to your proposal, you’ll know that they’re going to be more than happy with your services.

They’ll realize that they were actually able to save money. They’ll realize that your small business owner is offering their services for half of what they’d have to pay for if they hired another landscaper.

The bottom line is that your client will be happy to work with you for less and with your services will be able to save money. So make sure you offer the best price for the best service. That’s what’s going to make your clients happy and save them money.

I’ve been in business since the age of 24 and have owned 3 businesses. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I specialize in Lawn Care, Landscaping, Commercial Property Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning and Marketing.


The problem with this approach is that in the minds of most people, they are already “in business”. If you are in business, you are more experienced and have more experience in business than someone just starting out. People don’t think the same way as they did when they were just starting out. That’s why it’s so important to be able to think differently and be able to adapt to changing times.

The other problem is that there is nothing wrong with offering too much, you just need to find a balance. I see so many new business owners trying to take the route of always trying to increase prices, but they are just killing their business. I’ve heard this story before where a homeowner sees some flyers advertising low prices, goes to the website, reads the price they’ve been quoted, and says, “I’m sorry, I’m just not comfortable giving this much for my lawn”. They start to see it as an obligation to the client, as if it’s a big deal to give the client the service for less. You see, this is actually how many business owners are in business – it’s a job to them and to do that job, they need to take care of the client. If they do a good job, the client will come back again and again. It takes work and commitment to the client.It’s not something you can just do from a website or Facebook or Craigslist and expect it to work. If you try to find more clients by constantly pricing yourself out of the market, you are just going to end up not finding any more clients. I suggest that new business owners work on pricing just a little bit every day. If you get a new customer, you’ll have to start charging them more. If you keep having bad luck with pricing, you can start putting it up a little bit. Just a little. Try to find a price point that feels right. Start with one and go from there.

There are no rules. Some of my first clients came to me because they knew I wouldn’t charge them a lot for their first lawn. Then I grew a new business and got new clients, and

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