Plantation irrigation & landscaping

Plantation irrigation & landscaping

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Plantation — A new ordinance detailing the care and handling of all things green is under discussion in this city, where trees don't vote but still play a huge role in the city's management. Several months of work went into the draft of the proposed law, which was discussed for about 45 minutes during a recent City Council meeting. The new law, landscape architect Jeffrey Seigel said, also will help Plantation get recertified by Broward County to preserve local trees. He said the city has worked hard to identify and obtain the grants that in part funded the new law's development, and another grant might fund a new position aimed at informing and educating residents about tree care and the city's laws. The page draft is no simple list of do's-and-don'ts.

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Automatic sprinkler system

Lawn irrigation systems can be crucial to healthy lawns. A residential irrigation system is a home improvement worth considering.

Not only will it help maintain a healthy landscape that you can enjoy with your friends and family, it is also the most convenient and efficient way to make sure your landscape gets the water it needs, without over-or under-watering. In addition, automated residential irrigation systems can actually save water over hand watering with a hose or sprinkler. Professional design and installation of an irrigation sprinkler system make it easier on you, and can keep your lawn and garden green and lush.

If lawn irrigation systems are correctly designed, installed and maintained, they can keep your landscape looking lush for the least amount of water. We recommend Toro and RainBird residential irrigation systems or commercial irrigation systems for our commercial clients. Spring and Winter Maintenance packages are available as well. Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate! Entertainment Relaxing Dining Gardening Recreation. What are you waiting for? Bristoll Plantation.


On the street of Dominion Road and street number isTo communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number isYou can get more information from their website. Home page.

This event is no longer active. Tuesday, November 19, AM - AM CST. Plantation Irrigation & Landscaping FM.

Haile Plantation

The restrictions allow enough water to maintain healthy landscapes year-round. These mandatory restrictions specify the time and the days of the week when watering is permitted for residential and nonresidential locations. These days depend on whether the address ends in an odd or even number. A healthy landscape only needs 1-inch to 1. During the winter season, when a lawn goes dormant, it requires even less. Click HERE to see recommended zone run times minutes to set on your timer. The YRR applies to all landscape irrigation from all water sources, including public or privately-owned water utility systems, private wells or private connections to surface water bodies ponds, lakes, canals, etc. In short, the YRR prohibits landscape irrigation between the hours of a. Property owners should refer to their local or county ordinance. Click the drop-down menu below to find the days and times when you can water in your area:.

Sprinkles Irrigation

We provide landscaping service both Commercial and Residential properties. We specialize in designing, creating, and maintaining indoor and outdoor living environments. Plantira provids an initial, on-site analysis and detailed estimate. We will discuss all the necessary steps that are required to create and maintain your commercial or residential property, including a time-line for how long the project will take from start to finish. Whether it is an irrigation problem, turf assessment, tree care, weed control or an improvement to your landscape, we offer our expertise on how to fix your problem.

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Oakleaf Plantation

We would like to take the time to highlight some of the amazing projects that our team at The Master's Lawn Care has completed.Our team always sees the projects from conception to completion and this Haile project shows! This client called because she bought the house with overgrown landscaping and it did not meet her Haile Plantation's landscaping requirements. The plants and original landscaping were old and overgrown, so dated that everything had to be fully removed and started from scratch. You can see from the photos below. While meeting with her for a consultation she shared her desires for wanting low-maintenance plants with a lot of color that fit her neighborhood requirements, while also having some lawn areas to enjoy.


Most people would agree that, together, trust and good communication are the foundation of a great relationship. The very same can be said for commercial property managers and the landscape contractors they hire. For a prime example of this, head to South Texas where the cities of McAllen and Mission come together. Hunt Valley Development broke ground on Sharyland Plantation inThis 6,acre mixed-use, master-planned community plays host to a range of upscale residential and commercial venues, which includes more than 1, homes, a church, school district, dedicated police and fire departments, 6 miles of palm-lined paths, a acre retail center named The Grove and a Class A, 1,acre business park. And development is far from over.

Plantation Irrigation & Landscaping ; Address, Farm to Market , Richmond, TX, United States ; Phone, +1 ; Hours. Monday, ampm. Tuesday.

Plantation Irrigation & Landscaping Niagra Inc. in Ridgeway

Building and construction earned their significance in daily lives. This organization is rated 4. You can find out more by dialing a number: — or by visiting the website: plantationservices.

Plantation Irrigation & Landscaping opening hours

Residents have been drawn to the Kauai property since it opened four decades ago. But the mature landscape that makes the property beautiful also requires special maintenance—experts with horticultural background, infrastructural awareness, and knowledge of the intricacies of managing a Hawaii vacation home destination. No Ka Oi partnered with Kiahuna Plantation three years ago, working directly with regional director of engineering Mark Bandsma, who has known the No Ka Oi team for plus years. That includes overseeing irrigation needs and property enhancements. Of course, managing the landscape maintenance for a legacy property is not easy. At Kiahuna Plantation, an aging irrigation system has required attention and specimen tree replacement has prompted a re-envisioning of high-traffic, high-visibility areas.

Our goal is to exceed client expectations and provide beautiful landscape projects both on time and on budget. We provide a vast array of landscape services ranging from rough grading to tree, shrub, and flower planting.

Community Updates

As a manager of community associations, there is a lot of competition for landscape services. Great communication. Quick bid response. Excellent service. Thanks for being such a reliable contractor!! Highly recommend. Incredible service, would give more than 5 stars if possible.

Plantation is one of the most beautiful places to live in South Florida. Bridging the gap between the coastal and sunny Hollywood Beach and the bustling area of Miami, Plantation is a calm yet exciting respite from both types of life. With that in mind, if you are looking for Plantation tree and landscaping services, we would love to help work on your land.

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